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Command Line Debugging

It is possible to run and debug the Python programs used with the Python plugin from the command line, provided the Python gatenlp package is installed separately, ideally in the same version as the what is included with the plugin.

When running python on the program like this:


only the syntax of the program is checked (mode: check), and if no problems are found, no output is produced.

Additional ways to run the script can be invoked by passing parameters, in order to get usage information you can run:

python -h

This produces the output:

usage: [-h] [--mode MODE] [--format FORMAT] [--path PATH]
                      [--out OUT] [-d] [--log_lvl LOG_LVL]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --mode MODE        Interaction mode: pipe|http|websockets|file|dir|check
                     (default: check)
  --format FORMAT    Exchange format: json|json.gz|cjson
  --path PATH        File/directory path for modes file/dir
  --out OUT          Output file/directory path for modes file/dir
  --config_file      Path to pass on to the script as "_config_file" kwarg.
  --parms_file       File to use as the parms file (usually the file)
  -d                 Enable debugging: log to stderr
  --log_lvl LOG_LVL  Log level to use: DEBUG|INFO|WARNING|ERROR|CRITICAL

In order to run the program on a single file infile.xml and store the result as outfile.xml use:

python --mode file --path infile.xml --out outfile.xml 

Similarly, the program can be run on a while directory.

Note that modes http, and websockets are not implemented, and mode pipe is for developers of the Python plugin mainly.