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Ready Made Pipeline python-stanford-stanza

After loading the Python plugin, the prepared pipeline python-stanza is available from Applications - Ready Made Applications - Python - python-stanford-stanza.

This pipeline allows to annotate a document using the Stanford Stanza NLP software.

In order to use this pipeline, the following requirements must be met:

Installing Stanford Stanza

Run the following command:

python -m pip install -U stanza

Install the Model for the Language

See the Stanza documentation for this and Download Models For example to install the default English model run the following command:

python  -c 'import stanza;"en")'

Running the Pipeline

The following parameters can be set in the programParams runtime parameter for the ready made pipeline.
This contains a subset of what can be specified directly in Python when a Stanza Pipeline is created, see the Stanza Documentation

NOTE: any parameter which is included in programParams but not set / empty, is ignored.