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The Python Editor

When a PythonPr is double clicked in the GUI, the Python editor pane is shown which can be used to view and edit the Python program code. This editor only has basic functionality, for a full Python IDE use an external editor.

The editor pane looks like this:

Python Editor

The top of the window shows two buttons and the location of the loaded python file.

It is possible to use Python programs which are loaded from a read-only file or from within the Plugin when a ready-made application is used. In that case the editor window shows the file but it cannot be modified and the buttos are greyed out:

Python Editor

Editing the program with a separate editor

If the program is changed on disk by some other means, e.g. an external editor, the GATE Python editor does not recognize this automatically, nor will the PythonPr use the modified file automatically.

In order to use the externally modified file. right click the PythonPr instance and choose “Reinitialize”. This will show the updated content and make it available to the PR.