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Python installation

In order to run the Python plugin on your system it is necessary:

The actual Python package used for integrating Python with Java GATE is included in the plugin in a minimal version. However, it is also possible to install this package separately and use it instead of the one contained with the plugin. See the section “Installing Python gatenlp” below

There are many different ways how python can be installed, and the options different between operating systems, operating system flavours and versions.

If you have a preferred way for how to install python, the Python plugin will work if your installation satisfies the following conditions:

Otherwise, we recommend to install Python using the Anaconda or Miniconda distribution for your operating system.

The following describes the recommended steps to install the Miniconda distribution for Windows, MacOS and Linux. This mode of installation can be performed (as of this writing, October 2020) for Python versions 3.7 or later.

It is also possible to install versions of Python into a Conda environment which are older than the default Python version for that conda version.

In order to use environments from the Python plugin, simply specify the path the the “python” binary in the environment directory as the Python binary for the PR.



Linux and Linux-like Operating Systems

Installing Python gatenlp

The Python package gatenlp is used to for the Python plugin but is also software which can be used completely on its own. The version that comes with the Python plugin only contains the basic components.

In order to use a separately installed gatenlp package instead of the one that comes with the plugin: set the runtime-parameter useOwnGatenlpPackage of the GATE PythonPr resource to false.

For more information on the Python gatenlp package see: