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AddPRBeanDefinitionParser - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
BeanDefinitionParser for <gate:add-pr>, producing a definition of a AddPRResourceCustomiser object.
AddPRBeanDefinitionParser() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.AddPRBeanDefinitionParser
AddPRResourceCustomiser - Class in gate.util.spring
Resource customiser that customises a SerialController by adding an extra PR.
AddPRResourceCustomiser() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.AddPRResourceCustomiser
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.PoolFiller


createFeatureMap(Map<Object, Object>) - Static method in class gate.util.spring.SpringFactory
Creates a feature map from a source map.
createObjectPool() - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.SoftIdleCommonsPool2TargetSource
createObjectPool() - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.SoftIdleCommonsPoolTargetSource
CustomisableBeanDefinitionParser - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
Common superclass for BeanDefinitionParsers for elements that support a nested <gate:customisers> element mapping to a "customisers" property in the parsed definition.
CustomisableBeanDefinitionParser() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.CustomisableBeanDefinitionParser
customiseResource(Resource) - Method in class gate.util.spring.AddPRResourceCustomiser
customiseResource(Resource) - Method in interface gate.util.spring.ResourceCustomiser
customiseResource(Resource) - Method in class gate.util.spring.SetParameterResourceCustomiser


decorate(Node, BeanDefinitionHolder, ParserContext) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.PooledProxyBeanDefinitionDecorator
destroy() - Method in class gate.util.spring.DuplicateResourceFactoryBean
Delete the duplicates we have returned, unless they have already been freed.
destroy() - Method in class gate.util.spring.GateResourceFactoryBean
Destroy the resource created by this bean, by passing it to Factory.deleteResource(gate.Resource).
destroy() - Method in class gate.util.spring.SavedApplicationFactoryBean
Destroy the resource created by this bean, by passing it to Factory.deleteResource(gate.Resource).
doParse(Element, ParserContext, BeanDefinitionBuilder) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.AddPRBeanDefinitionParser
doParse(Element, ParserContext, BeanDefinitionBuilder) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.DuplicateBeanDefinitionParser
doParse(Element, ParserContext, BeanDefinitionBuilder) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.FeatureMapBeanDefinitionParser
doParse(Element, ParserContext, BeanDefinitionBuilder) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.InitBeanDefinitionParser
doParse(Element, ParserContext, BeanDefinitionBuilder) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.ResourceBeanDefinitionParser
doParse(Element, ParserContext, BeanDefinitionBuilder) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.SavedApplicationBeanDefinitionParser
doParse(Element, ParserContext, BeanDefinitionBuilder) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.SetParameterBeanDefinitionParser
doParse(Element, BeanDefinitionBuilder) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.UrlBeanDefinitionParser
DuplicateBeanDefinitionParser - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
DuplicateBeanDefinitionParser() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.DuplicateBeanDefinitionParser
DuplicateResourceFactoryBean - Class in gate.util.spring
Spring factory bean to create duplicate copies of a GATE resource.
DuplicateResourceFactoryBean() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.DuplicateResourceFactoryBean


ensureGateInit() - Method in class gate.util.spring.GateAwareObject
To be called by subclasses to ensure that any Init beans in the containing bean factory (and its ancestor factories, if any) have been initialised.
extractCustomisers(Element, ParserContext, BeanDefinitionBuilder) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.CustomisableBeanDefinitionParser
Processes the customisers sub-element of the given element.
ExtraGatePlugin - Class in gate.util.spring
Holder class for a single Resource that points to a GATE plugin.
ExtraGatePlugin() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.ExtraGatePlugin
ExtraGatePluginBeanDefinitionParser - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
Bean definition parser for <gate:extra-plugin>path</gate:extra-plugin> producing the equivalent of
ExtraGatePluginBeanDefinitionParser() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.ExtraGatePluginBeanDefinitionParser


FeatureMapBeanDefinitionParser - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
Bean definition parser for <gate:feature-map> elements, producing a definition for a FeatureMapFactoryBean.
FeatureMapBeanDefinitionParser() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.FeatureMapBeanDefinitionParser
FeatureMapFactoryBean - Class in gate.util.spring
Spring FactoryBean to create a FeatureMap from a source Map (typically one created with a <map> element in a spring config file).
FeatureMapFactoryBean() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.FeatureMapFactoryBean


gate.util.spring - package gate.util.spring
gate.util.spring.xml - package gate.util.spring.xml
GateAwareObject - Class in gate.util.spring
Convenience superclass for objects that may be created by Spring and need to ensure that GATE is initialised before they do their work.
GateAwareObject() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.GateAwareObject
GateResourceFactoryBean - Class in gate.util.spring
Spring factory bean to create a GATE resource (LR, PR, controller).
GateResourceFactoryBean() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.GateResourceFactoryBean
getArtifactId() - Method in class gate.util.spring.ExtraGatePlugin
getBeanClass(Element) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.AddPRBeanDefinitionParser
getBeanClass(Element) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.DuplicateBeanDefinitionParser
getBeanClass(Element) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.ExtraGatePluginBeanDefinitionParser
getBeanClass(Element) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.FeatureMapBeanDefinitionParser
getBeanClass(Element) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.InitBeanDefinitionParser
getBeanClass(Element) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.ResourceBeanDefinitionParser
getBeanClass(Element) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.SavedApplicationBeanDefinitionParser
getBeanClass(Element) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.SetParameterBeanDefinitionParser
getBeanClassName(Element) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.UrlBeanDefinitionParser
getGroupId() - Method in class gate.util.spring.ExtraGatePlugin
getLocation() - Method in class gate.util.spring.ExtraGatePlugin
getObject() - Method in class gate.util.spring.DuplicateResourceFactoryBean
getObject() - Method in class gate.util.spring.FeatureMapFactoryBean
getObject() - Method in class gate.util.spring.GateResourceFactoryBean
Create the resource specified by this bean.
getObject() - Method in class gate.util.spring.SavedApplicationFactoryBean
Loads the saved application file and applies any registered customisers.
getObjectType() - Method in class gate.util.spring.DuplicateResourceFactoryBean
Returns a proxy class that implements the same set of GATE interfaces as the template resource.
getObjectType() - Method in class gate.util.spring.FeatureMapFactoryBean
getObjectType() - Method in class gate.util.spring.GateResourceFactoryBean
getObjectType() - Method in class gate.util.spring.SavedApplicationFactoryBean
getVersion() - Method in class gate.util.spring.ExtraGatePlugin


Init - Class in gate.util.spring
Helper class to support GATE initialisation via Spring.
Init() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.Init
init() - Method in class gate.util.spring.Init
Initialises GATE and loads any preloadPlugins that have been specified, as well as any defined by ExtraGatePlugin beans in the containing factory.
init() - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.NamespaceHandler
InitBeanDefinitionParser - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
BeanDefinitionParser for <gate:init> elements, producing a definition for an Init object.
InitBeanDefinitionParser() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.InitBeanDefinitionParser
isSingleton() - Method in class gate.util.spring.DuplicateResourceFactoryBean
This factory is not a singleton - it produces a new object each time DuplicateResourceFactoryBean.getObject() is called.
isSingleton() - Method in class gate.util.spring.FeatureMapFactoryBean
isSingleton() - Method in class gate.util.spring.GateResourceFactoryBean
isSingleton() - Method in class gate.util.spring.SavedApplicationFactoryBean


loadObjectFromResource(Resource) - Static method in class gate.util.spring.SpringFactory
Loads a saved application state (gapp file) from the given Spring resource.


NamespaceHandler - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
Spring namespace handler for the namespace.
NamespaceHandler() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.NamespaceHandler


POOL_FILLER_PREFIX - Static variable in class gate.util.spring.xml.PooledProxyBeanDefinitionDecorator
PooledProxyBeanDefinitionDecorator - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
Bean decorator to easily create a pool of target beans.
PooledProxyBeanDefinitionDecorator() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.PooledProxyBeanDefinitionDecorator
PoolFiller - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
Simple bean that takes a pooled target source and performs a sequence of n getTarget calls followed by n releaseTarget calls.
PoolFiller() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.PoolFiller
postProcess(BeanDefinitionBuilder, Element) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.ExtraGatePluginBeanDefinitionParser


ResourceBeanDefinitionParser - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
BeanDefinitionParser for <gate:resource>, producing a definition for a GateResourceFactoryBean.
ResourceBeanDefinitionParser() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.ResourceBeanDefinitionParser
ResourceCustomiser - Interface in gate.util.spring
Simple interface for objects that are used to customise GATE resources.
resourceToUrl(Resource) - Static method in class gate.util.spring.SpringFactory
Convert a Spring resource to a URL.


SavedApplicationBeanDefinitionParser - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
BeanDefinitionParser for <gate:saved-application>, producing a definition for a SavedApplicationFactoryBean.
SavedApplicationBeanDefinitionParser() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.SavedApplicationBeanDefinitionParser
SavedApplicationFactoryBean - Class in gate.util.spring
Spring factory bean to load a saved GATE application from a Spring resource location.
SavedApplicationFactoryBean() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.SavedApplicationFactoryBean
setAddAfter(String) - Method in class gate.util.spring.AddPRResourceCustomiser
setAddBefore(String) - Method in class gate.util.spring.AddPRResourceCustomiser
setArtifactId(String) - Method in class gate.util.spring.ExtraGatePlugin
setBeanFactory(BeanFactory) - Method in class gate.util.spring.GateAwareObject
setBeanFactory(BeanFactory) - Method in class gate.util.spring.Init
setBuiltinCreoleDir(Resource) - Method in class gate.util.spring.Init
setCustomisers(List<ResourceCustomiser>) - Method in class gate.util.spring.DuplicateResourceFactoryBean
Optional customisers that will be applied to the duplicate resource before it is returned.
setCustomisers(List<ResourceCustomiser>) - Method in class gate.util.spring.GateResourceFactoryBean
setCustomisers(List<ResourceCustomiser>) - Method in class gate.util.spring.SavedApplicationFactoryBean
setFeatures(FeatureMap) - Method in class gate.util.spring.GateResourceFactoryBean
setGateHome(Resource) - Method in class gate.util.spring.Init
setGroupId(String) - Method in class gate.util.spring.ExtraGatePlugin
setIndex(int) - Method in class gate.util.spring.AddPRResourceCustomiser
setLocation(Resource) - Method in class gate.util.spring.ExtraGatePlugin
setLocation(Resource) - Method in class gate.util.spring.SavedApplicationFactoryBean
setMavenCaches(List<Resource>) - Method in class gate.util.spring.Init
setNumInstances(int) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.PoolFiller
Set the number of nested get/release calls to make.
SetParameterBeanDefinitionParser - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
BeanDefinitionParser for <gate:set-parameter>, producing a definition of a SetParameterResourceCustomiser object.
SetParameterBeanDefinitionParser() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.SetParameterBeanDefinitionParser
SetParameterResourceCustomiser - Class in gate.util.spring
ResourceCustomiser that sets a parameter on the resource being customised.
SetParameterResourceCustomiser() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.SetParameterResourceCustomiser
setParameters(FeatureMap) - Method in class gate.util.spring.GateResourceFactoryBean
setParamName(String) - Method in class gate.util.spring.SetParameterResourceCustomiser
setPluginsHome(Resource) - Method in class gate.util.spring.Init
setPr(ProcessingResource) - Method in class gate.util.spring.AddPRResourceCustomiser
setPreloadPlugins(List<Resource>) - Method in class gate.util.spring.Init
setPrName(String) - Method in class gate.util.spring.SetParameterResourceCustomiser
setResourceClass(String) - Method in class gate.util.spring.GateResourceFactoryBean
setResourceName(String) - Method in class gate.util.spring.GateResourceFactoryBean
setReturnTemplate(boolean) - Method in class gate.util.spring.DuplicateResourceFactoryBean
Should this factory bean return the template resource itself the first time DuplicateResourceFactoryBean.getObject() is called, or should it always return a duplicate, keeping the template in pristine condition.
setRunInSandbox(boolean) - Method in class gate.util.spring.Init
setSiteConfigFile(Resource) - Method in class gate.util.spring.Init
setSourceMap(Map<Object, Object>) - Method in class gate.util.spring.FeatureMapFactoryBean
setTargetSource(AbstractPoolingTargetSource) - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.PoolFiller
Set the target source to be populated.
setTemplate(Resource) - Method in class gate.util.spring.DuplicateResourceFactoryBean
Set the template resource that this factory bean will duplicate.
setUserConfigFile(Resource) - Method in class gate.util.spring.Init
setValue(Object) - Method in class gate.util.spring.SetParameterResourceCustomiser
setVersion(String) - Method in class gate.util.spring.ExtraGatePlugin
shouldGenerateIdAsFallback() - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.ExtraGatePluginBeanDefinitionParser
shouldGenerateIdAsFallback() - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.InitBeanDefinitionParser
shouldGenerateIdAsFallback() - Method in class gate.util.spring.xml.UrlBeanDefinitionParser
SoftIdleCommonsPool2TargetSource - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
CommonsPool2TargetSource that sets the softMinEvictableIdleTimeMillis on the underlying pool instead of the "hard" minEvictableIdleTimeMillis.
SoftIdleCommonsPool2TargetSource() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.SoftIdleCommonsPool2TargetSource
SoftIdleCommonsPoolTargetSource - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
CommonsPoolTargetSource that sets the softMinEvictableIdleTimeMillis on the underlying pool instead of the "hard" minEvictableIdleTimeMillis.
SoftIdleCommonsPoolTargetSource() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.SoftIdleCommonsPoolTargetSource
SpringFactory - Class in gate.util.spring
This class contains spring-aware factory methods for useful GATE components.
SpringFactory() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.SpringFactory


TARGET_PREFIX - Static variable in class gate.util.spring.xml.PooledProxyBeanDefinitionDecorator
TARGET_SOURCE_PREFIX - Static variable in class gate.util.spring.xml.PooledProxyBeanDefinitionDecorator


UrlBeanDefinitionParser - Class in gate.util.spring.xml
Bean definition parser for <gate:url>path</gate:url>, producing the equivalent of
UrlBeanDefinitionParser() - Constructor for class gate.util.spring.xml.UrlBeanDefinitionParser
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