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GATE Python Plugin

This plugin provides a processing resource, PythonPr which allows the editing and running of python code for processing GATE documents. The Python API for processing documents is the Python gatenlp package.

The plugin provides its own copy of a specific version of the gatenlp package which is used by default, but it is possible to instead use whatever version of the gatenlp package is installed on the system.

Using the Python Plugin

Installing / Setting up Python

Before the plugin can be used Python must be installed:

The plugin should be compatible with GATE 8.5 or later and should run on Windows, MacOS and Linux-like operating systems.

Reporting problems

If you encounter problems please:

Please give as much details as possible about your operating system, GATE version, Java version, Python version and whatever else might be relevant.

Plugin components and help topics

Main topics:

Other help topics: